10 things you should discuss before your child turns 10

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Children are special; for you, your family and for the future! But, somewhere between the birth and the growing up phase, the values and principles take a back seat. Many a times, the love and care overshadows the upbringing methods and the child remains limited to the cocoon of love created by parents and family.
Parenting is a dynamic term that varies from person to person and nobody can either teach or explain it. So, PICT Model School brings you a list of things you should discuss with your child before he/she turns 10.

  1. Be frank: Children possess the unique quality of being true at all times because they do not know what lying is. Hence, you being frank and truthful helps them retain that quality without falling in the trap of lying and being nice all the times!

  1. Discuss failure: Failure is something nobody ever wants to face but we forget that it is an integral part of life! Discuss your child’s failure in exams, games and even at home but never burden them with it. Tell them it is ok to fail because that will not be a deciding criterion of their calibre.
    These are the golden times when you get an opportunity to openly discuss your failures with them. Tell them how you failed, at what and how it did not affect your future.
  2. Talk about family: Oftentimes, parents hide their household problems and clashes from the children thinking they shouldn’t be ruining their thoughts at young age. But, the opposite happens! Children, being the keen observers and followers apply the same in their lives and parents become the unintentional culprits.
    Hence, do not hide, tone down if need be but DISCUSS!
  3. Encourage their aspirations: Children keep on changing their life goals and their passions while growing up making the list overwhelming. But, giving a thought you’ll realise that those are some of the most creative goals you would hear! Hence, pay a serious attention to the list, discuss how they can truly achieve it and make them write it down.
    Let them be the creator of their own destiny.
  4. Tell them about your job: Children are very intelligent to understand your daily routine, your ppts and excel sheets if explained in a proper way! They are curious to know what you exactly do on your laptop and from where the money comes.
    In fact, do not shy away from disclosing the salary and the financial situation.
  5. Talk about science, arts, culture and everything that there is: Trying to make your child exactly like you, is the most common mistake of all. Remember, they also come with their own personality, likings and dislikings. Hence, talk about everything; absolutely everything! Let their thoughts bloom on their own! Just keep on opening the doors, they’ll select which one to follow!
  6. Tell them life isn’t always fair: Many a times, after facing a failure or an unfair decision, it is your utmost responsibility to not let them flow in the river of sadness, cursing the injustice. Make them understand that life won’t be always fair to them but also teach them to stand up to the injustice and fight for the truth!
  7. Discuss their group of friends: Discussion, the best solution! Friends are one of the main effectors in the lives of children. Being with them the whole day in school, calls for various thoughts, talking styles and habits. Hence, make it a point to discuss their friends and tell them about the ones who you think are making a bad impact on them. Guide well but let them make the final call.
  8. Apologise: Parents are hesitant to apologise when it comes to saying sorry to their kids. But, that is a habit you should follow if you want the child to follow the same. Hence, apologise when you are wrong and watch them to have the same values even without asking them.
  9. Respect: Your child is the only person you love unconditionally. Hence, respect that fact and give an immense respect to them, their thoughts and their existence for they deserve it!

Having said this, we hope we have touched the right cord and have helped you a bit in bringing up your child. Follow these 10 on 10 points and establish an amazing relationship with your child.



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