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Metacognition; the word in itself is self explanatory where “meta means about” and “cognition means process of understanding and acquiring knowledge”. Hence, metacognition is a detailed process of awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes and working in a precise manner to bring the best possible outcome. There has been a thorough research on metacognition which has studied how the learners can make behavioral changes in themselves to learn the same topics in better and easier way.

Metacognition describes the processes that are involved when learners plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning behaviours and make changes to them so as to develop as a learner. This, in fact, helps them analyse what works and doesn’t work for them and channels their self evaluation into self growth. The phases in Metacognition are:

1. Planning:
During this phase, the learners think about the goal that the teacher has set about the learning topic and plan how they will begin and achieve the task and what all strategies they will use.

2. Monitoring:
This phase is mainly for the learner to monitor himself intermittently and pay a keen attention to the progress they make after beginning the task. The implementation of the task and actual monitoring help the m know if the strategy they made is working or not and what all changes are required to attain the goal.

3. Evaluation:
Reflection is a fundamental part of this entire process. Encouraging learners to self-question throughout the process will support this reflection. Hence, during this phase, students determine how successful the strategy they used was in helping them to achieve their learning goal.

How it helps:
Metacognitive practices are useful for all learners from primary level upwards. It helps them in:
  • Becoming independent learners
  • Monitor their own progress
  • Take control of their learning
  • Putting a positive impact on learning

How PICT follows Metacognition:

PICT Model School understands the importance of metacognition and provides support to the learners thoroughly. The teachers take responsibility for monitoring progress, setting goals, planning activities and allocating attention. Gradually, this responsibility passes on to the learners. A key challenge for our teachers is to be able to recognise how well the students understand their own learning processes and helping them understand it better. PICT Model School makes sure the challenge is met and cognitive learning goal is achieved!


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