Learning Theories - IV

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Having talked about Cognitive Learning Theory and Behavioral Learning Theory previously, what remains to be discussed now is type three (and the last one) of learning theories i.e. Constructivism.

Key concept of Constructivism
Constructivism, as the term itself suggests, is characterized by learners constructing information primarily out of their own understanding, experiences and by reflecting on the same. Constructivism implies that whenever there's new information to be assimilated by a learner, he or she might either embrace it by changing their older understanding or they can discard this new information if they think it is peripheral. If one is to adopt Constructivism, it means that they believe that there is no such thing as “knowledge” out there, there is only information and what we construct of it.

Importance of Constructivism in classroom teaching:
The importance of Constructivism in classroom teaching cannot be stressed enough. What makes it important is that it views learning as an active process. Learners discover facts, principles, and concepts by themselves. Constructivism promotes reflective and intuitive thinking in learners. One more characteristic of Constructivism theory is that it facilitates a good relationship between the educator and the learner as both of them are equally willing to learn from each other.

How PICT has adopted Constructivism:

At PICT, educators know the importance of Constructivism and hence, have inculcated it in classroom teaching. Educators realize that even though there are set curriculum objectives, it is essential for them to enforce their own thoughts or beliefs as well as those of the learners in order to make the learning process a shared enterprise. Furthermore, it encourages students to use active learning techniques such as experiments, debates, projects to construct additional knowledge and eventually, to reflect on and express what they are doing and how their understanding is evolving. The educators make sure that they have an understanding of the students' pre-existing thoughts and conceptions and guide the activities to address them and then build on them. Thus, the benefits of adoption of Constructivism at PICT can be summed up as follows.
- Dynamic interaction between the educator and the learner.
- The learning experience is both subjective and objective.
- A hands-on approach is promoted in learning.
- Learners are fostered to make their own conclusions and reasoning.
- Facilitates deeper understanding of concepts by give and take of information.

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