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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.
-B. F. Skinner

Education is a phenomenon that requires contemplation, evaluation and practical application! It also requires a great deal of thought to understand how the child can grasp better. But this quote by B. F. Skinner induces many thoughts in our heads and makes it a tad bit difficult to comprehend its true meaning and application.

Somebody has said, “Education is filled with our greatest hope in this world - Our Kids!”
The quality of education they receive, the thoughts that shape their minds and the feelings they develop are all results of what, how and where they learn!

Children spend considerable amount of time in school where they actually come in contact with different concepts, intellectual conversations and thought provoking discussions, helping them grow and understand things! But then, how to select a perfect school? Let us look at some of the factors we should consider before making that life altering decision: The educational board, teaching methodology, the output, the principal, teachers, infrastructure and the general conduct at school.

In this quandary, let us give you a space to breath and explain about a futuristic school; PICT Model school with 30 years of legacy backing it up! PICT Model school is a venture by the famous Pune Institute of Computer Technology which is known to have created leading professionals and successful students all these years! The institute remains one of the top engineering institutes in Pune and has been known to have oldest of faculty still being associated with it.

With that same positivity and passion to provide quality education to the students and to create a niche for the learners, PICT management has established PICT Model school and Nestling day care center! The campus is spread across 10 acres and has the largest daycare in Pune with innovative teaching methods, infrastructure, modern facilities like X-SEED classrooms, Swimming Pool, Golf, Athletics, Shooting, Tennis and more.

The school follows a unique methodology of “Learning by Doing” which helps the children to grasp better and faster! It believes that, “A good teacher never stops learning" and hence the same zeal for learning gets incorporated in the students.

It is said that, “It is not what you learn but what you truly imbibe and apply that leads you to a better life” and PICT is here to lead your children to a better life! So if you still bear the thought of how to choose a good school, then come visit the campus to know more.
We believe in “Inspiring Tomorrow”, do you?


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