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Clay P. Bedford quoted it right, “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

As parents we always want the best for our kids. One such crucial decision is, where to send our tiny one so that he imbibes the best of knowledge, values, skills and essential life-lessons. So, if you have been fretting over that heap of school brochures/pamphlets piled up over the table, it’s time to swipe it off as we are about to introduce you one such school in Pune whose vision is to develop application skills of the younger generation rather than imparting knowledge within the confinement of the classrooms.

PICT Model School has adopted a unique pedagogy that is well suited to the child’s innate quest to learn by "doing". Perception matters. It is the diversity of perception that gives birth to new things. Therefore, at PICT Model School, children are exposed to scientifically designed activities that encourage students to explore and investigate; consolidate and connect what they learn; ponder over and question, and then demonstrate their learning in real life situations.

At PICT, we consider this pedagogy to be the best because it creates opportunities for the child to ‘think about’ his /her own learning process, identify the strengths and areas of improvement and find solutions accordingly. In reflective learning, students are trained to evaluate their own assignments which develop their critical thinking skills. This method also practices peer tutoring and evaluation which help learners to appreciate each other's’ talent thereby developing team work. Reflective learning techniques make the purpose of learning clear to the younger generation.

We give learners the freedom to explore and criticize their learning environment. Giving a child a non-restrictive environment ensures that his creativity is untamed. This enables him to be innovative and constructive in every aspect of life. 

Every lesson imparted at PICT Model School has a designated time to analyse the real life application of the concepts. When a child learns through practical examples, his understanding immensely increases and his natural curiosity is triggered. Gaining practical experience puts the theory into practice and hence it becomes more relevant to students. This is the core aspect of learning by ‘doing’.

We also realise the significance of bringing everybody together with the aim to bond and educate in an interesting way, just the reasons why extra-curricular activities, events, excursions, celebrating festivals and important days are paid equal attention here thereby ensuring children enjoy every second they spend at school and long for attending it even on ‘Sundays’

Here’s a sneak peek into the quality of teaching offered at:
Kindergarten is all about Personal, Social and Emotional Development of the child. Here at PICT Model School a child receives the right blend of traditional and high tech education in a prepared environment that keeps them close to nature and culture. At the foundation level, development of a child begins at our meticulously designed activity centres. This approach is coordinated with nature and is chosen to make the learning experience of children memorable and fun. 
- Language, Math, Science, Technology aided learning centres 
- Rhythmic and Creative activity centres 
- Free play stations

The curriculum that we follow promotes innovation, application and inquiry based learning, right from the elementary stage. 

We have a highly qualified, well trained and professional faculty for every subject who are relentless learners themselves. They are committed to shift the focus from rote memory learning to analytical thinking and application skills. Armed with specialisation and experience, the team is passionate about modelling learning and crafting future leaders. 

PICT Model School is equipped with all the indispensable facilities like - Infirmary, Nutritious meal plan, Infrastructure (updated classrooms, labs and playgrounds) and  Transport.

PICT shall open a whole new world for your kid. What are you waiting for?


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