For Knowledge is like a river

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PICT Model School is always looking forward to our learners showcasing their skills and is always glad to aid any learner who wants to go the extra mile. One of such learners is Mr. Nehal Singhal of Grade 6 (Emerald) who wanted to share his experience and thoughts on the Science Mela that was organised at PICT.

Science is simply the world we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.
                  -   Tim Minchin

The Science Mela at PICT Model School was packed with curiosity, fun, creativity and last but not the least, the answer to curiosity. Students creatively displayed amazing and some truly astonishing science facts and experiments while emphasizing their importance in real-life situations.
People always learn from a science experiment or a fact no matter how old, small, important or unimportant it is. Knowledge is like a river which should be kept flowing. This educational Mela surely boosted all the learners and parents with scientific information alike. Though, no matter how easy the topics, it surely strengthened the understanding of Science of everyone in a fun way.
It helped learners of all age groups learn how to demonstrate scientific concepts by learning from real-life situations. It also aided them to realize practically, how Science is an important aspect of everyday life.
The educators were also excited and wanted the learners to thrive in their work. The Science Mela will, every year, remain an important part of PICT Model School.
Mst. Nehal Singhal
Grade 6 Emerald


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