How we establish a positive teacher-student relationship at PICT

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Parents of shy and introvert children are often worried about sending their children to ‘big schools’ thinking that they may be intimidated by the sheer size of the classroom, wouldn’t get ‘individual attention’ of the educators, wouldn’t be comfortable to participate in class activities or would find it difficult to communicate with the teacher. This concern is very natural and is a perpetual cause of worry to a lot of parents.

So how does PICT make sure to address these concerns?

We at PICT endeavour to establish a positive student-teacher relationship by accepting and respecting the individual qualities of each learner. A positive student-teacher relationship is probably one of the greatest weapons in education. It fosters a favourable learning atmosphere in the classroom. Everyone wants to feel valued by significant people in their lives and learners are no exception. So in such instances, a positive student-teacher relationship really helps the learners to open up during classes which boosts their self-confidence.

Through our meaningful student-teacher relationship we ensure a constructive impact on the learners. Right from the admission phase, the educators study the information about the learners as furnished by the parents and log their individual interactions with the learners to chalk out ‘individual learning plans’. Throughout the academic year, the educators monitor the interactions of every learner with their peers and with other educators to gain an understanding of the learner’s strengths, problems, fears or apprehensions and develop interventions. Learning through pair and group activities make the learners more comfortable in the classrooms. Educators form these learning groups where all the members are allotted specific responsibilities depending on their abilities and interests. Constructive feedback is shared individually, with all the learners, at regular intervals. This way, the educators demonstrate respect towards the learners thus winning their respect in return. In such a stimulating atmosphere, the learning process becomes joyful and to which all the learners keep looking forward to.

The benefits of establishing a positive student-teacher relationship at PICT have been many. Some of them are:
- Uplifts the self-esteem of learners.
- Fosters good behaviour among learners.
- Encourages learners to attend school regularly.
- Motivates learners to do well and perform better academically.
- Improves learners’ socio-emotional skills.

Parent-Teacher Meeting, every month at PICT, helps bringing the parents on board. Individual meetings facilitates sharing of specific feedback. The feedback is given in four parts – the current status of the learner in comparison with the expected standards, the role of the educator, the support expected from the parents and the road map for the learner.

The first educational experience that comes about in the primary years of the learner’s life is extremely important to lay the foundation of a meaningful academic life and the development as a person. At PICT, educators endeavour to establish a positive relationship with their learners by communicating truthfully with them and providing exclusive feedback for the holistic development of our future citizens.


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