Bridging the communication gap between a child and parent is our aim.

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When we compare two generations and when there is a considerable difference in the lifestyles, habits, likes and dislikes of the people belonging to these two separate times, problems due to age gap arise. And, it is no secret that these days this gap is widening by leaps and bounds. 
More and more parents and their offspring agree that they just can’t understand each other. This lack of understanding of social, moral, political, musical, sartorial or religious opinions leads to lack of acceptance, which is the primary reason why families break.

Shrinking families and widening communication gap is a big barrier to a child’s growth.
We at PICT make sure that both parents as well as the child take a step forward and bridge this gap with increased family time and engaging in meaningful daily conversations.

Here are a few pointers which can help bridge this ever-widening gap: 

Have a day out with your kids at least once in a month. This will strengthen the bond between you and your kids and guide your relationship in the right direction. Do things together that you both have a common interest in. Bond over movies or talk to your child about his/her friends and get to know them better through your conversation.

 Do not be in a rush to repeat instructions. Ask a question or make a comment and wait. Your child has heard you. Give him a chance to respond.Please be aware that your child understands what you say, even though he may look ‘inattentive’.

Don’t impose your views on your child. An open mind is never closed to different perspectives or opinions. Such an attitude provides an invaluable insight that can bring about resolution of conflicts. It is important for you to accept that just because he/she is your child, doesn’t mean they cannot have preferences and interests independent of yours.

While growing up, at some point we all have been at the receiving end of our parents’ lectures about perfection and doing things in a particular way. But its time to do away with that approach and replace it with one where you try to understand what your child has to say. Remember what your kids are trying to convey is an extension of themselves which they expect you to understand. So, listening to them should be your first priority.

Yes, sometimes, we need to be silent too. We have to let our children voice their opinions and listen to what they have to say, without interrupting them. Let’s practice what we have always preached.

It’s time we give up being judgmental about every little action of our children. Be it household chores or scoring marks in academics or winning a competition, let’s stop comparing our kids with others. After all, success does not depend on competition, it depends on originality. Encourage your child to analyse success and failure with you and, send a message through your action – you are always there for your child.

The reality of a generation is only in terms of age. If we let go of our egos and look at things from an entirely different perspective, we perhaps would never have a gap between us and our children, this does not mean we do not do what is needed to do as parents. It just means we became a little more understanding and accepting of what our children see as their ‘world’.

Ultimately, the essence of effective communication lies in the beautiful expression. “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said!"


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