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India has among the youngest population in the world, which means it can make a resourceful pool of manpower. A pre-requisite though is that it requires the right form of education, skills and employment. The concept of success has changed and so have the skills required to be successful in the 21st Century. The US Department of Labor states that “65 percent of children entering grade school this year are likely to encounter work profiles that are not even in existence by the time they graduate.”

The big question here is how do we prepare our children for jobs that are not even in existence yet? How do we make sure our children are stable and strong for an uncertain future that await?
Our job as leading educators is to equip children socially and emotionally and make them confident lifelong learners. This will help them to be completely ready to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Skill development at PICT:
We, at PICT, organize activities which facilitate children to realize their area of interest. Hands-on knowledge about these activities helps students gain confidence and they are further nurtured to excel in their field of interest.
The faculty roles are reversed; they are flipped around in a way that the teacher facilitates the overall learning of students rather than only distributing notes or dictating answers.
Holistic Learning for kids is all about the right mix of knowledge and skills. It helps in improving their abilities and enhancing the competencies. We, as educators certainly want Degrees and Diplomas for our learners to get well-paying, professionally satisfying jobs or to prepare them for meaningful self- employment. To successfully achieve this, we provide skill-based education in school with options to mix and match vocational skills with popular subjects within the scope of the prescribed curriculum.

Awareness about skills-based, solution-centric learning can bring about a positive shift in making students aware of the actual job scenario through real work environment in the industry. If they don’t learn early-on about how their formal education is going to help them get their dream job or the career they aspire for, they will never get an opportunity to realize their dreams. And, of course, skills are dynamic, we need to learn, unlearn and re-learn in order to upgrade our knowledge as technology changes and transforms the workplace requirements.

PICT ensures to oversee the development of all the domains in a child – cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain – the brain, the bodyand theheart. In this way, children will be equipped to deal with diverse situations of the demanding future.


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