PICT’s Nestling Day Care and Enrichment Centre

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“Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do” – John C. Maxwell

Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) is a very renowned name and has a legacy of
30 years in the Education Sector. PICT is an institution that believes in growth, development
and betterment of an individual through education! The vision and mission aren’t mere
words; they are the reflection of their determination towards building a young, confident
and successful generation!

PICT has now come up with PICT Model School and PICT’s Nestling Day care and enrichment
centre in Pune. Along with providing higher education, this successful institution will now be
looking after your toddlers since a very young age with this day care facility.

"A school of your dreams where knowledge and passion gleams,
Enters a kid with an empty slate, gains the expertise and an Engineer exits the gate!"

Parents often face a dilemma when they have kids and job both to look after. Enrolling the
kid to a day care becomes the only option but comes with so many concerns!
  •  Will the kids be safe?
  •  Will they get same treatment as that of home?
  •  How would they adjust to a new place?
  •  Who would be taking care of my kids?
  •  Who will they eat or play with?
  •  What if they need us in an emergency?
  •  How fast can we reach to them if need be?
  •  How convenient would it be for us?
This list just never ends!
So, for all your concerns about your kids, your worries about your
job and your prime issues of location and timings are answered by PICT in just one go with
this new venture! PICT’s Nestling Day-care and Enrichment centre is your savior!

PICT’s Nestling Day-care and Enrichment centre:

In the era where kids and career are of highest importance, we make sure none of them get
compromised. Nestling day care centre is not just another home but another world for the
kids where they will eat, sleep, play, have fun, learn, get unconditional love, support, care
and utmost priority! We believe in “Learning through Play” and hence have incorporated
different activities, games and innovative plays in our program. These help the kids to
explore new things, make them think and let them grow up as confident, compassionate
and rational human beings. We have an experienced team who loves kids, knows kids’
needs and how well they should fulfill those and understands the importance of inculcating
good manners at early age. It is a place where kids will be pampered a lot but enough to not
spoil them!

PICT’s Nestling Day-care and Enrichment centre is situated in Balewadi, Behind Holiday Inn,
on Mumbai Bangalore NH-7 and is OPEN FOR ADMISSIONS!

Day Care Contact No.: 020 66806304/ 305
Visiting hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
E-mail: deanadmin@pictmodelschool.com
Website: www.pictmodelschool.com


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