What will your kids exactly be doing at Nestling?

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PICT's Nestling Day Care and Enrichment Centre believes in this ideology a lot.

A child must be understood and given space so that the imagination and creativity takes a stroll in their little brains. This is the reason why the structure of PICT, the schedule, the safety, the curriculum and the activities have been so thoughtfully established.
Let us explain how and what your kids will be learning and grasping at PICT.


Nestling knows that children learn best through play. Because of this, we do not underestimate its importance on a growing child's mind, body and spirit. We engage them in two types of plays:

  • Free Play : It has no rules involved.
  • Structured Play : Games with set rules and a structure

Though kids love free play, where they get to play whatever they want, structured play are very important for them to understand and bind to rules at times. At Nestling, we make sure we achieve the balance between the two.

Indoor activities: Books and story-time, puzzles, tumbling exercises, music and movement, interactive stuffed animals, arts and crafts, flash cards, various learning toys, song games, science, board games, puppets, Simon-says, singing and many more.

Outdoor activities: Climbing, sliding, jumping, running, jump rope, racing, water balloons, catching cook, bubbles, follow the leader, ride-on toys, wagons, tunnels, safe water toys, various games, water table, neighborhood walks, exploring nature/weather, soccer, and yes falling.
Weather permitting, we play outdoors every day.

Who will be looking after your kids?
Nestling has a professional and educated staff who dedicate their complete attention to kids throughout the day. We have Centre Head, facilitators and helper staff who look after administration, learning and daily chores respectively. The staff works in collaboration with each other, thereby creating a better, secure and synchronized atmosphere for your kids at the daycare.

Daily Schedule
When it is about children, schedule is all that matters! It differs for various age groups and hence, Nestling makes sure timings are never a concern!
Based on the age, we have made 3 groups:
  1. Magpies (Infants 6 months to 12 months)
2.  Sparrows (Toddlers younger than 24 months)
3.  Kingfishers (Older Toddler/Preschooler 24 months and older)

Timings for all the age groups are 8.30am to 6.30 pm but their schedule of activities, eating, sleeping differ a lot (Please visit the website to know more about the schedule).

So, Why should you choose Nestling?
Day Care Centres are to take care of your kids letting you pursue your career without a glitch. At PICT’s Nestling Day Care And Enrichment Centre, we not only take care of them, we give them love, warmth and all the attention they need. Those are the only things they seek and we make sure there are no shortcomings in achieving those.
Along with the facility of Daycare, PICT has come up with PICT Model School in the same campus where your kid can get direct admission. PICT believes that consistency plays an important role in children’s overall development and with the legacy of PICT, we sure can provide you with a complete educational system!

A school of your dreams, where knowledge and passion gleams!
Enters an Infant in the arms of the mother,
exits the gate of PICT Knowledge Village as an Engineer!


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