"Education" as we know it!

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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.
-B. F. Skinner

Education, as a system, has evolved in many ways and forms through all these years. The teaching methods, the institutes, the students and the educators have faced an uphill struggle and strengthened the term education for us!

But, what exactly is Education?
  • The knowledge from books at school?
  • The blackboard lecture that helps the students to qualify the exams?
  • The parents who impart knowledge since birth?
  • The life that teaches us everything?

You might say it is an integration of all; but given a simple thought, you’ll understand that education is not what you learn but what you truly imbibe and apply that leads you to a better life!

Somebody has said, “Education is filled with our greatest hope in this world - Our Kids!”
The quality of education they receive, the thoughts that shape their minds and the feelings they develop are all results of what, how and where they learn!

What they Learn!
Children’s minds are clean slates. They start filling their slates in their own style with the topics we teach, the things we explain and the thoughts we present! Hence, what they learn depends on what they are taught and how they are taught!

How They Learn!
There are various theories and models on how a child actually grasps and learns. One of the progressive and futuristic model is VAK model which says that the process of learning might happen in 3 styles:
  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic

The students have the learning powers that might fall under one (or all) of these categories, giving them the best of the results! Based on their learning style, it becomes important for an educator to carefully decide how to teach that student specifically.

Where They Learn!
The place and the surroundings matter a lot in the learning cycle of a student! A clean, cheerful,  positive and supportive environment brings the best in them, making sure the cycle of learning stays on track!

The VAK model of teaching-learning process is a new age model to make education a better process for students! PICT Model School has incorporated it to ensure that they do not blindly follow what we teach but truly imbibe and apply the knowledge to lead a better Life!
To make your child love the process of education, visit PICT Model School at Balewadi, today!
Admissions are open for 2017-18!


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