We adapted Reflective Learning for the learners of today, Know why.

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With PICT Model School, you can be rest assured that your child’s future readiness is secured and on track as we have adopted the pedagogy ‘Reflective Learning’.

How ‘Reflective Learning’ makes a difference:
Reflective learning is a way of allowing learners to analyze their learning experience, to help develop critical thinking skills and improve on future performance.
  • This type of learning, which helps move the students from the surface to deep learning, can include a range of activities, including self-review, peer review, and personal development planning.
  • This helps the facilitators to identify gaps in their student’s study habits or approaches towards learning, allowing them to focus on the exact limitation and help augment that area of deficiency.

  • Understanding and acting on feedback is also a way of encouraging students to reflect on what has been learned and how to improve. 

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    Benefits of Reflective Learning:
    As students become reflective learners, they begin to develop their own personal learning strategies and make progress by identifying small successes. Through frequent peer and self-assessments, learning becomes increasingly transparent and students realize the responsibility for learning on their own. Having being adopted by top institutes around the world, in India, where the education system is considered to be rigid and regressive, this new approach can do wonders for our children.

    At PICT Model School, we understand that every student has a specific need. Our facilitators have come up with strategies that are geared towards diverse learners and allow them to work effectively with each of their students. We are determined to build safe learning spaces for our students, enabling our future nation builders to realize their full potential.  


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