How PICT prepares students for future by Active Learning

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Learning is defined as “a process that brings together personal experiences and environmental influences for acquiring, enriching or modifying one’s knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, behaviour and world views”. Based on this, learning theories make hypotheses that describe how this process takes place. We have seen in previous blogs, how studies on various educational theories have changed the terms of education. There are many widely accepted theories such as:

We have spoken and discussed about many educational theories in our previous blogs. We have seen how cognitive theory, metacognition, multiple intelligence etc. impact learning. Today, let’s talk about Constructivism theory and Active Learning, which is based on the same theory.

Constructivism Theory-
Constructivism theory says that the learners construct or build their own understanding over a period of time. Constructivists, as they are called, believe that learning is a process of 'making meaning' of things. Learners tend to develop their existing knowledge and understanding to achieve deeper levels of understanding. This makes them analyse more, evaluate things and develop their own ideas making them achieve the higher order thinking skills of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Active learning:
Active Learning is a process that makes ‘student learning’ at its centre. It mainly focuses on how the learners learn and not what they learn! This is challenging as the learners are not just spoon fed with information but are made to engage with the content through specially designed activities that get them to talk, write, reflect and express their thinking.

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Active Learning at PICT:
PICT Model School has included active learning in its teaching pedagogy, making the students “learners for life”. It does not focus on recalling of knowledge but celebrates the synthesizing skills of individual learner. Active learning also encourages pair and group work giving them opportunities to tutor and to be tutored by peers. This in return, not only strengthens their conceptual understanding but also enhances their life skills.  

Teachers at PICT Model School provide deeper levels of understanding by providing apt learning environment, opportunities, interactions, tasks and instructions! PICT Model School’s Active learning pedagogy encourages success and confidence in learners, making them individual thinkers.

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