We encourage “No Tuition Policy”

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A world of academics at school, at home and yet again, in the tuition classes - is it really helping your child to perform? Or is it merely increasing the workload, setting unrealistic goals, making your child sleep deprived, anxious and stressed?

Objective of a no tuition policy
At PICT, we stand by a No Tuition Policy. We intend to inform the parents that children do not have to undergo the ordeal of ‘listening’ to extra lectures in the tuition classes to perform better, they need time for reflection.

Why do we say no to tuitions?
The most important reason is that students need to take responsibility of their own learning and become independent learners. Students going for tuitions often consider completing homework or preparing for the next day’s lesson as the responsibility of their tuition teachers. Tuitions cease to encourage self-learning skills in students because they do not have time to analyse their own strengths and weaknesses.

Extra classes, after school, tend to rob the childhood from growing kids. Tuitions often take up the time that should ideally be dedicated for other creative and physical activities in addition to academics. At tuitions, quite often, concepts are repeated, making the sessions monotonous, thus, risking the joy of learning.

How do we make sure our learners don’t need tuitions?
We understand that each child is unique and learns at his/her pace. With our individual learnings programmes, we facilitate every student to learn according to their styles and speed without the fear of being left behind.

Our teaching-learning methodology supports ‘active learning’ which provides opportunity for acquiring knowledge and assimilation of concepts through experiences.
Educators at PICT do not indulge in traditional ‘chalk and talk’ learning method, subjecting learners to passive listening. Instead, they believe in creating a healthy learning environment where each child is encouraged to think and express their perceptions of different concepts, apply the concepts in real life, discuss over various issues with fellow classmates and finally, synthesize a conclusion.

We appeal to the parents to spend time with their children, discussing the day’s learning, motivating them through constant emotional support which will help them to become autonomous learners who can take responsibility for their own development. At PICT, parents and educators collaborate to provide a learning environment which enables the learners to grow up with an enlightened mind.


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