We design in Individual Learning Plans.

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In today’s competitive world where the tables have turned from “Jack of all trades and master of none” to “Jack of all trades and master of one”, one really has to possess strong conceptual understanding of various different fields and, master at one of them. Naturally, parents are often worried about the lack of individual attention been given to the development of their child.

What is individual learning?
‘Individual Learning Plan’ or ILP is a method of teaching that is paced to student learning needs and customized to student learning preferences and interests.

How is ILP different from traditional learning?
Traditional learning structure is based on mass production- teaching students in a generic manner and expecting them to adjust to the system. Individual learning structure is based on mass customization- teaching students according to their needs and focusing heavily on equity, ensuring all students get a chance to succeed.

Benefits of Individual Learning:
1. A generic model does not account for students’ different learning preferences or interests. Individual learning allows for learning - anywhere, anytime.
2. Individual learning encourages students to research and refer to a variety of resources, collaborate with experts to gather information, according to individual needs.
3. Students enjoy the liberty to focus on their interests and personalized goals.
4. ILP facilitates learners to learn at their natural pace, without the fear of being left behind.

At PICT, we facilitate individual learning.

Educators at PICT strongly support individual learning. Students are given opportunities to engage in peer or self-review in order to initiate the process of taking responsibility for their own learning as well as mistakes. Our learners are constantly inspired to think and voice their opinions on various different topics. We strongly believe that each student is unique and so should be the method of building his/her future. With us, the child would be motivated to become lifelong learners.

How does ILP help your child?
A personal approach to teaching or training yields better results. It gives learners an opportunity to engage with the content meaningfully. The emphasis is no longer ‘teach it’ but instead ‘learn it’ or better yet ‘apply it’.

With individual learning, PICT offers a different perspective on education, one that positions the students first.


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