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Children are the game changers in every parent's life. Hence no parent will ever leave a stone unturned to make sure they grow up well. Growth and development in the childhood determines their behavior, their attitude, their conduct, their progress and all their future decisions. This is the reason why researchers have studied and emphasized about early child development.

This blog will give a broader picture of why proper development during childhood holds so much of importance. Kindly read below to know more.

What is Early Child Development?
Early Child Development is the study that gives answers to all the questions of parents like:
  • What should be done for the holistic growth of the kids?
  • What are the factors that affect their growth?
  • Till when does the development occur?
  • How does our role affect their growth on day to day basis?

To know the answers, it is first necessary to understand when the child actually starts comprehending from the surroundings and what all factors help in brain development.

Kids and Their Brain:
A child becomes aware of the surroundings a couple of months before the birth and a sense of existence starts growing. The brain begins to learn from that stage onwards and continues to mature over a period of time. This development is determined by many factors such as their experiences, relationships and bonding with adults in early years, the surroundings and also the influence of genetic make.
Hence, the parents have to take care of all these criteria very minutely because that is also the time when the child’s brain is at its most vulnerable stage.

The capacity of brain for change decreases with age!
This is in no way mentioned to raise a question on the learning abilities of an individual young child. It focuses on the fact that the brain’s capacity to learn anything quickly and readily starts ceasing with increase in age. Even though if it decreases, it never shuts off completely and hence the learning continues.

For eg. a child, if exposed to 5 different languages in early age, will learn all of them quickly and accurately. But the same child won’t be equally responsive to a new language after attaining a certain age.

What parents can do to support their child’s brain development?
  • Have a stable, caring and loving relationship with the child
  • Play and interact with them more
  • Expose them to activities that stimulate their senses
  • Protect them from stressful situations
  • Avoid situations that might give their brain a toxic stress
  • Have a responsive relationship so as to reverse the damage of toxic stress, if any.

In next blog it will be clear how an extra aid or a preschool can work wonders for a child’s early brain development.

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