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Pune Institute of Computer Technology has been around for around three and a half decades, building the minds of young educationalists. It has been marking it’s way in the revolution of technology with amazing research throughout these years.

Recently, a group of 4 students from third year of electronics and telecommunications made a great achievement at IIT Bombay! They were the finalists at e-Yantra symposium that was conducted in association with Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Under the guidance of the eminent faculty of PICT, these students built a robot that is a sheer example of technology and innovation coupled together! This robot, aptly named as ‘Saviour’ by the students, impressed the jury for its effective, thoughtful and novel application! A lot of thought had gone in designing of this robot, its built quality, range of wireless operation and its movement through rough terrain of the country. The main purpose was to provide an aid during disaster, natural calamities and rescue operations. In the future, they would want to configure it to navigate extreme terrain while simultaneously providing valuable information.

The successful execution of the four-member team from Pune Institute of Computer Technology  was among the 16 proposals out of 302 that made it to the finals! In fact, it was the only team from Pune city to make its way to the finals, giving a hat-trick to PICT for reaching finals!

PICT Model school is very proud to be a part of the 34 years legacy of Society of Computer Technology and Research! The pedagogy of PICT Model school is to make the learners are educated about the situations and are rightly  prepared to tackle them. The school believes that the synergistic association between learners and educators have the power to achieve great height whilst making the world a better place! These learners have a great chance to become one of the best engineers of the county by following the path of their seniors at the institute!

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