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Memory, a word that distinguishes our characteristics from other living beings. It is our ‘Memory’ that defines our existence, our everyday lives and gives a substantial meaning to it. There are 2 major types of memories:
  1. Short Term or Working Memory
  2. Long Term or Episodic Memory

During education, learners experience, understand and practice the applications of studies and store it in either of the memories. The mugging up part is nothing but a short term or working memory which is never of use in future. On the other hand, the practical knowledge and hands-on experience develop an episodic or semantic memory that helps in learning, understanding and applying knowledge throughout life.

No Recycling of Information:
With the advancements in education, technology and teaching mechanisms, newer information and knowledge should also reach the learners in an expected way. Hence, PICT Model School makes sure NOT to recycle the information in the same old way but to educate the learners through practical knowledge.

Not Celebrating power of memory:
PICT Model school follows the pedagogy of ‘Learning By Doing’ which ensures that the learners are not remembering things but actually learning to apply them. The school does not promote how well the learners remembered the knowledge but how well they understood it. The school believes in learning with a purpose of application in real world situation.

How this is achieved:
Along with content teaching, PICT Model School also scaffolds every child's learning by showing them several techniques such as graphic organiser, mind mapping, ‘Cornell Note taking’ method etc. which make learning easy during metacognition time. In fact, learners are trained to analyse and reflect on their learning and strengthen the concept themselves. This ensures that they become individual as well as cognitive thinkers in future.

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