Play- Highest form of learning

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Play- Highest form of learning

We have witnessed our children learn through activities since a very young age. The colorful scribbling on the walls, the counting of toys, the caricature of alphabet, the building of sand castles with nibble hands made learning natural and interesting helping tiny tots to understand and remember complex concepts. What always works is the associated fun of learning with peers and the parents and therefore, the readiness to learn and imbibe the unknown world into the existing schema using sensorimotor skills. PICT Model School’s pedagogy of “Learning by Doing” is also based on the same lines of engagement and establishment of a bond between learner and educator! Every lesson taught follows a distinct pattern, the 5As – - Aim – the objective of the lesson - Action – the activity for the learners to explore and orient themselves to the aim - Analysis – the discussion to answer all the queries about the activity - Application – the relevance with the real life - Assessment – the feedback on the level of assimilation However, to be successful in life, nurturing the cognitive domain is only a part of the whole. The affective domain which controls our emotions should be equally trained. And, the weekly events, celebrations and games organized throughout the academic year help develop social and emotional skills. To name a few from the last academic year are:

  1. Science Mela: A child-friendly school program where the kids showcased the magic of Science in conserving our environment.

  1. Lohri: Children were told about the rituals, cause and were introduced to a festival of another religion, instilling, the values of unity in diversity!

  1. Indoor Fun Activity: To revive the interest in traditional games and give an exposure to our young learners, we had the Indoor Fun Activity. This was to encourage children to play local games that are inherent in our culture.

  1. Navratri: Learners participated in paper rangoli, Bhondla and dandiya that helped them know our culture and customs.

  1. Daughters Day: Learners were educated about “Beti bachao Beti padhao” campaign. They were shown a short film and were made understand their roles and responsibilities as future citizens of India.

  1. Strokes and Shapes: Students drew and coloured various amazing thoughts of their mind helping them have fun while they learned an art form by doing!

  1. Role Play: Children enacted different characters and gave out a message through their act. This helped them know about a lot of famous people and also gave a boost to their acting and speech skills.

PICT Model School completely believes in Albert Einstein's’ quote, “Play is the highest form of learning” and makes sure that learners never get bored of learning and become “Learners for Life”.


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