7 ways to relive the child in you this summer

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Summers offer a great time to relax, but not for the kids who are bouncing off the walls, playing video games or shrieking "I'm bored". As parents, you always wish to make the most out of every summer vacation. You want them to be memorable and better than the previous ones and with that comes the need for a few new ideas to keep your tiny tots happily engaged.

The temptations are great for children to spend hours watching television or playing video games, but with a little ingenuity and planning, the summer can be transformed into a time to stretch the mind, explore new hobbies, learn about responsibility and build on skills learned during the school year. Hence, PICT Model School brings you a list of 7 activities your child is going to love absolutely.

1. Vacations: A vacation could be anything from a trip to ‘Nana-Nani’s’ place or to countryside. This is a great way to spend quality time with children along with educating them about surroundings. Summer camps, stargazing, hiking etc. make them experience the little joys in life.

2. Hobby classes: Hobby classes are fun and frolic. Try making the summers a productive experience for your kids by enrolling them in hobby classes. It could range from drawing, painting, learning to play a new instrument, singing, dancing etc. Who knows where in them they find their true passions!

3. Board Games: We understand  kids get allergic to books during vacation time. However, board games are an interesting way to engage your kids. They not only save them from the ill-effects of the sun pouring fire but also simultaneously develop their critical and analytical skills. Scrabble, Chess, Ludo, Snake and ladder, Monopoly, etc. are some of the popular ones.

4. Creative Activities: Creative activities are engaging, exciting and thought provoking. Awaken the creative side in them with activities like paper craft, origami, creating ‘best out of the waste’,  paper quilling, jewelry making etc.

5. Gardening: A little mud once in awhile never does any harm. Pick up the ignored garden tools, dig holes and plant beautiful saplings. You can also utilise this opportunity to teach kids about the plants, animals and their importance in the ecosystem.

6. Cooking: This is a great exercise for vacations however you would want to be a bit careful about selecting the recipes. You can always select the options that’ll come handy when you aren’t at home; something your kid can make on his own like sandwich or lemonade.
And who doesn’t love cakes and cookies! You can teach them baking under proper guidance.

7. Physical activities: Ditch their temptation of being a couch potato. Rather than only playing or watching TV, make them join classes for swimming, martial arts, taekwondo, skating etc. for which they might not have dedicated time after schools.

PICT MODEL SCHOOL hopes you and your kids have an amazing summer. Do let us know in the comment section which activity you and your tiny one enjoyed indulging in the most.


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