Find out why students of PICT wish to attend school on Sundays!

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We claim such an interesting fact because one of our proud parents wrote to us:
We all remember whining when our parents first dropped us to school, how we wouldn’t let go of their hands and whine even more bitterly. How we would throw our bags at a corner post returning and swearing never going to school. Somewhere between this and ‘I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow!’ we all grew up.
Today, as the times flew by, we have assumed the role of parents. Now, our kids tightly clutch our hands, hoping we won’t drop them at school and take them home with us. Little do they know, few years down the lines they shall miss their school life above all.

School, a place which transforms into our ‘Second home’, plays a vital role in learning and growing as students and individuals. It’s here, where one realises what one likes/dislikes, what one wishes to pursue, the ways in which one can contribute to the society making it apt in being referred to as ‘Temple of learning’. It’s not only about the subjects prescribed by the Board but also the essential lessons about ‘Life’ in general.

Hence, the choice of school and the quality of education becomes of utmost importance. Make the right choice with PICT! The curriculum that it follows, promotes innovation, application and inquiry based learning, right from the elementary stage. It has adopted a unique methodology that is well suited to the child's innate quest to learn by "doing". The students are encouraged to explore, investigate, consolidate, connect, ponder over and question what they learn, and then demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

This way the learners equip themselves to communicate and collaborate, sharpen their problem solving skills and critical thinking, enhance their technological and networking skills. The PICT Model School also has a trained, professional faculty for every subject who are not only passionate about teaching but learning too! They learn, unlearn and relearn relentlessly just as the students in their classrooms.  

So, if you’re thinking for the best school memories for your tiny one, think of PICT Model School!


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